Employment opportunities for the community

The Himoit bay in Särkimo, the Maxmo/Maksamaa archipelago. There is no other place I would rather be. No other place where I feel more at rest, more at home. Home. The most beautiful place on Earth.

Each morning as I stand in the kitchen and look out the window, I am filled with joy and gratitude. For me there is no better place to live than the archipelago and the countryside. The sea, the nature, the people. The calm, the safe haven. The community. The neighbour that comes over with the motorsaw when a storm fells trees over the road.

The archipelago and the countryside are far more than beautiful images, there are homes and workplaces in the archipelago. The beating heart of rural areas is jobs. If there are jobs, the opportunity to settle down, live and enjoy and main local services remain.

Small businesses provide the community with both services and employment opportunities. Small businesses often also readily adapt and evolve with changing circumstances. Supporting female entrepreneurs and new investments that generate jobs for women is key to long-term development. Every step taken to improve the conditions for small businesses also improves the chances of the countryside to thrive.

Therefore we must invest in

  • sound infrastructure for people and businesses – from road and water to electricity and telecommunications
  • improved conditions for large, medium-sized and small businesses – so that they can grow and generate more jobs
  • support for microbusinesses and self-employed entrepreneurs – so that they can evolve, expand and become employers
  • flexibility in working life – from telecommuting to further training and well-being in the workplace
  • regional development – in order to attract new inhabitants and new businesses

Mindful and strategic investments, entrepreneurship and jobs generate prosperity in both the countryside and the cities. And society must provide opportunities for meaningful leisure time in urban as well as rural areas. So that we all can live on our own Himoit bay, wherever our souls rest.

So that we all can live on our own Himoit bay, wherever our souls rest.