About me

Mother, rural professional and politician – me in a nutshell.

I am 43 years old and from Vörå/Vöyri. I was born in Vaasa/Vasa, raised in Korsholm/Mustasaari and have now lived most of my adult live in Särkimo in the Maxmo/Maksamaa archipelago. I have received the great gift of being bilingual. I thank my father and the school for my Finnish skills, and my mother, the local community and my husband for my Swedish skills. My twin sister and our younger brother are also bilingual.

My family is my core, my centre and my well. I am married to Tonny and the mother of six: Julia (24 years old), Nathalie (21), Alex (15), Mirande (13), Rasmus (12) and Iiris (7). My big family keeps me busy, and they are the reason I want to and find the strength to involve myself in politics.

I became a mother at a young age, 19, and have a child with special needs. Being the mother of a child with special needs has shaped me as a person and as a politician. I think it is extremely important that we hear from the people who live through what we politicans decide; who can better bring pertinent experiences, arguments and facts to the table than the people have to live with the issues and the decisions. I have a long and broad experience of local politics and have, as a politician, put special emphasis on educational issues. Working on issues that affect us all as a community is so rewarding! Boosted by my years in local politics, I am ready to take on further challenges. I wish to be a strong voice for the countryside in the Finnish parliament!

Today, I work as a secretary at Östsmans Snickeri, a family business in the carpentry sector. In the past, I have work in bookkeeping, real estate and also as a carpenter. I am thankful for my diverse work experience – from very heavy work physically to financial administration.

I am an avid photographer. My favourite motifs are nature and my children. I also enjoy playing the piano. Researching family history is another hobby of mine. In the summertime the whole family enjoys boating and in the wintertime life runs according to the hobbies of our kids.

My family is the most important thing to me. I come from a family with strong women, we are loud and laugh a lot. This is the source of my drive. This is where I find strength to keep doing what I find meaningful: being involved in politicis and effect change!