A society for all

I believe in a strong society, a society that supports and takes care of us all. I believe that the strong can and must lend a hand to those who are not. I believe in a society where everyone is of equal value. A society that offers equal opportunities. / LEENA NIKKARI-ÖSTMAN, Candidate in the Finnish parliamentary elections 2019

Progressive family policies drive equality

A just and democratic society offers equal opportunities to all – and the same pay for the same work, regardless of gender and race. Change demands action: in order to achieve true equality we must reform family policies. Equality leads to stronger families and a stronger society.

Education unlocks potential for the individual and for society

The Finnish school system is our single greatest innovation. The comprehensive school brings everyone together and underlines that every child holds equal value. I know from personal experience, as a parent, a relative, a friend as well as an elected representative, that the needs of children vary greatly. Equal opportunities and education for all is crucial.

Employment opportunities for the community

Supporting the small business sector strengthens the community. Small businesses provide the community with both services and employment opportunities. Small businesses often also readily adapt and evolve with changing circumstances. Supporting female entrepreneurs and new investments that generate jobs for women is key to long-term development.

My name is Leena Nikkari-Östman and live in Maxmo, Österbotten/Pohjanmaa. I am a mother, a rural professional and a politician.

I stand for progressive family policies, equality, education and diverse employment opportunities. I fight for a society that puts children, families, education and jobs front and centre.

Said about Leena

I firmly believe that we build stronger, better solutions together. Over the past 14 years I have worked with a lot of talented, knowledgeable and driven people. Sometimes we have agreed, other times we have not. Still, our joint goal has been the good of the community, and I am thankful for their input, suggestions and experiences.

Here a few share their views on me. Thank you all for the kind words! (only in Swedish and Finnish)


Together we can do wonders, in life and in politics. Would you like to help out?

Campaigns are fun and exciting – we want to create something new after all! No help is too small, from making coffee at events to putting up posters, from meeting up with other voters to putting the message out there. I welcome all to join in.


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